Experiencia piloto en asignatura de literatura para maestros: grabación de un cuento para un programa de radio []
Beatriz Hoster & María Inmaculada Mena-Bernal, CEU Cardenal Spínola – Universidad de Sevilla


A university didactic experience for the training of teachers is analyzed. A new strategy is implemented to increase the degree of motivation of students in their reading training and to promote awareness of the importance of empathizing with children's emotions as mediators between literature and children. The traditional activity on expressive reading of stories is replaced by a project that consists of choosing a story, preparing an expressive reading, recording and creating a script for the realization of a real radio space on children's literature and values, in which children from a school talk in assembly after the audition.

Keywords: expressive reading of stories, evaluation of reading in university students, literary reading in teacher training, reading metacognition in university students



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